WordPress Mobile Responsive Design

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WordPress Web Responsive Design (Mobile Responsive Design is a part of the larger category of design) is the idea of having your site’s layout displayed based on the height and width of the device’s browser size. This allows you to create a single merge for displaying device specific design that works as per display needs of the device. The design or theme adjusts regardless of size of the device, or in some cases displays specific views. It is in a way better, since it avoids the issues of having the same rigid, clip-able, non-understandable, non-viewable layouts or views in browsers of desktops, tablets, and mobile phones, etc. At the core of design concept, it allows for the site CSS in Plugins/ Themes to use percentages (%) or device appropriated view instead of pixel format or rigid layout based webpage display. This flexibility or fluidity allows for appropriate displays (like screen size), or other performance requirements/ capabilities of the device being used; whether a Tablet, Mobile, or Desktop.
However, all WordPress Web Responsive Designs may not be completely fluid or might not work with all devices. For example, when accessing pages from mobiles screens, there may be a need of different layouts or designs that can be server configured to display mobile specific view or content automatically; instead of Desktop or Tablet webpage view that are displayed differently.
Since Mobile, Touch Screen, Tabs/ Tablets, and Desktop webpages load differently, WordPress or its third party providers also have specific apps for views or for their development. There are specific layouts, apps, or downloads for different devices and respective OS’s (Operating System)/ Interfaces. WordPress Apps for download and their support is available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Nokia, WebOS; either in WordPress or their specific webpages. These WordPress Apps or Downloads allow for specific or multiple features of WordPress in these devices. Most of these allow for customization or development as well.
The default WordPress template installed (twenty eleven) is Web Responsive. WordPress supports Mobile or Web Responsive Design enabled themes that allow for dynamic template layout, design, and view. Adaptive Images / Responsive Image Maps (device specific image re-size) can also be implemented with Web or Mobile Responsive Design. It allows for flexible image re-size in CSS with height and width defined percentages, like the Web Theme design, and displayed on screen as per the device used.
There are a lot of Themes, Plugins, and testing tools available that allow deployment or testing of the Fluid design of the template in different devices. Installation is as easy as downloading the Plugin/ Theme and installing them, or using the Install section of Plugin/ Themes and then do a manual install. These installations enable and allow for the flexibility/ fluidity/ responsiveness of the webpage (whether Webpage or Adaptive Images Responsive Design).


WordPress Mobile Pack: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-mobile-pack/
WordPress iOS: http://iphone.wordpress.org/
WordPress Android: http://android.wordpress.org/
WordPress BlackBerry: http://blackberry.wordpress.org/
WordPress Windows Phone: http://windowsphone.wordpress.org/
WordPress Nokia: http://nokia.wordpress.org/
WordPress WebOS: http://webos.wordpress.org/
WordPress Adaptive Images: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-fluid-images/

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