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Leading Job Boards in USA

A job board is an online platform where employers can advertise their open positions. It’s a great
way to reach potential employees.

There are thousands of US based job boards out there. Some are free, some charge fees, and others
require registration. The good thing is that they all offer similar services. They allow employers to
post jobs and candidates to find them.

Some of the leading Job Boards of USA are:

1. Indeed is the world's largest job search engine. Indeed works closely with employers to help
them post jobs to their site. Indeed is free for candidates to use. Candidates can register on and create a profile. Indeed offers many features including resume scanning, email
alerts, and special searches.

2. Simply Hired is a website dedicated to helping people find work. SimplyHired provides
information about companies looking to hire employees. SimplyHired is free for both employers and
job seekers.

3. Monster is a popular online employment service. helps users find jobs and
recruiters find applicants. is free for both employers to use and job seekers to use.

4. CareerBuilder is a leading career-oriented website. is free for employers to
use. Employers can post jobs to and set up job alerts. also
offers a number of tools for recruiting and hiring managers.

5. LinkedIn is a social networking site designed specifically for professionals. is free
for job seekers to use. Job seekers can sign up for a free account at and upload their
resumes. also offers many tools for job seekers and recruiters.

6. ZipRecruiter is a website that connects businesses with qualified candidates.
charges a fee for its services. ZipRecruiter is free for candidates to list their resumes. ZipRecruiter
also offers a variety of tools for recruiters.

7. HotJobs is a website focused on connecting job seekers with employers. is free for
candidates to post their resumes. HotJobs.Com also offers a variety of job searching tools for candidates.

Job boards are great tools for finding new opportunities. If you want to get hired, you should start looking for a job now in the above job boards.

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