How to connect WordPress with Social Networking Sites?

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WordPress allows connecting to other Social Networking Sites like Twitter/ Facebook using their API and WordPress API, and vice versa; either to increase online presence or have seamless integration. There are different routes you can connect to a social networking site like Twitter. One route is WordPress User based and another is Website Visitor based. Most of these either help merge functionalities of two sites or assist co-existence with inter-operational capability.
Some connection methods include:
1] Addition of Post Comments or Specific activity from Website Visitors, by logging in from Third Party Social Websites like Twitter or Facebook
2] Getting RSS feeds of Third Party Single or Multiple User Posts from Twitter/ Facebook/ WordPress to WordPress
3] Posting or Reflecting Posts in Twitter/ Facebook when a Blog or Post is made in WordPress
4] Adding or Reflecting a Twitter/ Facebook Post or a complete Post Search in a WordPress, as a Part of Blog or a Whole Page using a widget or by using ‘shortcodes’
5] Features like Following, Like Buttons are also some features that are used as a mode of Social Website/ Twitter/ Facebook Connectivity
Depending on Type or Category of Function or Feature to connect to Twitter/ Facebook, different Plugins are available. There are social platform independent or platform specific installable Plugins in the Twitter tag sections, which are Plugins or Widgets like:
I] ‘Subscribe / Connect / Follow Widget – adds a widget, and allows to subscribe connect or follow from multiple platform’,
II] ‘WordPress Social Login – integrates directly with WordPress authenticated posting or login section, and allows multiple platforms with Twitter’,
III] ‘Twitter Feed for WordPress – integrates directly, and allows Twitter posts to be imported as RSS feeds for WordPress’,
IV] ‘WP RSS Aggregator – imports and merges multiple feeds either from different Twitter Accounts or different Social Platforms’,
V] Specific Social Websites Plugins like ‘JM Twitter API Status Monitor’ (RSS Feeds), ‘Twitter API Shortcodes’ (Adding single or complete Post to WordPress), ‘Simple Facebook Connect’ (features like Connecting/ Posting/ Login/ OpenGraph/ Facebook Registration), ‘Social Facebook All In One’ (features like Registration/ Activity Feeds/ Recommendations/ Like/ etc), AND others.
Installation may be as easy as:
A] Login as an Administrator
B] Go to Administration Panel > Plugins > Add New > Search (Search TextBox)
C] Searching for specific features using keywords in Plugins section for integration with “Facebook or Twitter or Social Website Related Feature words” as keywords in the Plugin search Section
D] Choose or Select the Plugin using the Descriptions provided or checking the ‘Details’ section of Plugin
E] Installing it by Clicking on ‘Install’ link of the Plugin, and
F] Activating it directly using ‘Activate’ after install OR from the Installed Plugins Section (Administration Panel > Plugins > Installed Plugins).
Development of Plugins (direct integration or widgetization) is done using hooks from WordPress API either Actions (event in WordPress like new Post or User Registration, etc) or Filters (Functions that are performed before an event), depending on need or required feature. However, in absence of Third Party Social Website API, it might not be possible to include some or all of the features that Social Connectivity might provide. Right now, Plugins use different methods to enhance the functionality of WordPress to connect to Twitter.
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