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What is a WordPress Plugin?

A WordPress plugin is a piece of software that extends the functionality of WordPress. Plugins are
developed by developers who create them using programming languages like PHP, html and
JavaScript. A WordPress plugin is basically a collection of files that work together to add additional
features to your website.

Features and Benefits of a WordPress Plugin:

• WordPress plugins enhance the functionality of the wordpress website.

• To create a new WordPress plugin, users only need limited skills in code- languages such as

• PHP, MySQL and Javascript.

• WordPress plugins are categorized into two types: free and premium.

• Free plugins are open source and are not supported by the developer.

• Premium plugins are closed source and require payment before downloading.

How to install a WordPress Plugin:
1. Log in to your account at or your wordpress website
2. Click on the Plugins tab.
3. Search for the plugin you want to install. You'll see a list of results.
4. Check the box next to the plugin you want to download.
5. Click Install Now.
6. Follow the instructions provided by the installer.
7. Once installed, activate the plugin.
8. Go back to your dashboard and click on the Plugins tab again.
9. Find the newly activated plugin and click on Activate.
10. That's it! Your plugin should now be working.

Plugins have revolutionized the way wordpress websites operate and are updated. This has resulted
in an explosion of new and innovative plugins for every niche.

Developers have also made it easy for anyone to create plugins using readily available tools and
templates. This allows virtually anyone with a WordPress Software to create a functional plugin.

Not only have users created a vast number of new plugins, but they've also customized existing
plugins to meet their needs. Some people use plugins on their websites as premium services or apps.
For example, many people use plugins for creating e-commerce environments or managing their
online business accounts. Other users use plugins for creating social media integration or managing
their online profiles.

Some popular WordPress Plugin categories:

• Jetpack

• Spam protection


• Job Board

• Ecommerce

• Anti – virus

• Real estate

• Social Sharing

• Import – Export Wordpress data

• Membership

• Form Builder

Developers also find ways to incorporate plugins into existing websites and applications. For
example, many companies use custom WordPress themes as the base for their projects. These
projects require the addition of widgets and other plug-in features into the theme editor interface
before working effectively with the theme core codebase.

Ultimately, this ensures that the company's apps look professional and works well on different
platforms without custom coding. The abundance of wordpress plugins makes it possible for anyone
to create a unique website and online applications.

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